Alcohol Addiction Recovery in San Jose

Alcoholism affects people from all walks of life.  It does not discriminate based on background, culture, creed, religion, or age.   Alcoholism in America has changed over the years, but if there’s one thing that’s remained constant, it’s the dangerousness of the condition.  Alcoholism has a profound impact on the body, especially the brain, heart, pancreas, mouth, liver and immune system. There is no question that heavy, long-term drinking is harmful to the body and makes evident the dangers of alcoholism. Additionally, it can damage your emotional stability, finances, career, impact your family, friends and the people you work with.

The Path to Recovery

We offer a wide range of treatment options for alcohol dependence.  Inpatient addiction treatment comes in slightly different structures and intensities depending upon an individual’s particular situation, but an abstinence-based, Twelve Step approach utilizing evidence-based practices is core to all programs.  For those unable to commit to an in-patient course of care, we also offer a variety of outpatient treatment programs that enable patients to take care of their work, family, or other responsibilities during treatment. Plus, outpatient treatment is in-network for many insurance providers, making it a readily accessible rehab option. Call us today!

A life without Alcohol:  The emotional aspects of alcohol addiction can take years to fully overcome. Our process teaches you how to smoothly transition to sobriety and to deal with the inevitable cravings of your new lifestyle, and how to avoid relapse triggers.

Health and happiness or a gradual decline into darkness?
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